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Computers & Software
General Information About Computers & Software

Computers, Mac and PC, computer modems and routers, and Software.

On This Page: General Information Short Version Modem & Router Setup Long Version Modem & Router Setup
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General Information

Speed - Free, Simple and quick.
Check to see what speed your computer is running at. - What is your IP address? No info required, just click on the link.
This link will give you your IP address.

How To Setup A Modem & Router

Short Version - Including a hint that may stop your router from dropping the signal.
For a more detailed version of how to set up a modem and router - CLICK HERE.

To install a modem is usually just a matter of attaching a co-ax cable, or DSL phone cord, to both the service provider source and the modem, and then calling the service provider to have them match up to recognize the modem.

While installing a modem should be pretty easy, setting up a router for a wireless network of devices is another ball game altogether, because, to put it nicely, the setup process may not be very well documented in the owner’s manual. To put it not so nicely, the manuals that I have read sound to me like they were written by someone with dementia, they forget to mention this and that, like “well, you need to change this”, but they forgot to tell you where to make the change!

The thing that I have found to be most important to remember about setting up a router network is that, in most cases, the router network system will require two sets of IDs/passwords, which can be confusing, it was for me anyway. One is for setting the control panel password, you may not be allowed to change the login ID. Oops, they may not tell you that. The other is setting up a network security name and password. Oops again, they may not tell you where you can make either of these changes. Finding where to make these changes can be challenging, are you up for a challenge? Sure you are, you want a network setup don’t you?

To me, trying to read a router control panel is like trying to read Klingon, I know there is an online Klingon learning institute and dictionary, but that’s a language I never bothered to learn. LOL So, to my mind, there are just five basic things I try to locate when setting up a wireless network using a router, I use the KISS principle. I am sure a geek could think of twenty things, but my goal is just to get it done.

  • Setting the control panel password. (Status / Security)
  • Setting the network name and password. (Wireless / Primary Network)
  • Limiting access to only my devices. (Wireless / Access Control or maybe Advanced / Network Filter)
  • Inputting my e-mail to receive security alerts. (Firewall / Local Log)
  • Change the control channel setting. (Wireless / Radio) (This fix may stop your router from dropping the signal. Discussed more in the long version.)

(In parentheses is where these might be found in the control panel, it varies by brand.)

For more details see my long version for installing a modem and router, including details of the simple hint that may stop your wireless signal from dropping off!

(Note: This article is from my notes for setting up our router, it has not been approved by any authoritative representative of any modem or router manufacturer and should not be used as advice. For authoritative advice you should only rely on the manufacturers’ instruction manual for your modem or router installation and setup. (I am trying not to laugh to hard as I write this disclaimer about relying on the factory manual. LOL LOL)

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