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Dublin Bottling Works

Dublin Bottling Works

They still make sodas
the old fashioned way,
with pure-cane sugar,
in Dublin, Texas.

Just about an hour southwest of Fort Worth, Texas out Hwy. 377 through Benbrook, Granbury, and just past Stephenville. Or south of I-20, and southwest of Stephenville, Texas.

Visit the Dr. Pepper museum, the bottling plant, or relax in the
Old Doc's Soda Shop!

Order On Line

Dublin Bottling Works

Now on Video
Bottled Up:
The Battle Over
Dublin Dr. Pepper.
Dr Pepper Video

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Dublin Bottling Works
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Dublin Bottling Works

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Dublin Bottling Works - Dublin Texas
Formerly Dublin Dr Pepper
Soda Bottler - Fountain & Gift Shop

What happened to Dublin Dr Pepper and a hundred years of small town Texas tradition and history? Dr Pepper/Snapple Group Inc. verses Dublin Dr Pepper. And, the new Dublin Bottling Works!

On This Page: Dublin Bottling Works The
Newspapers Articles
TV News
Food Related Sources Social Media Sources Other

The New: Dublin Bottling Works

Dublin Bottling Works

Old Doc's Soda Shop

Dublin Bottling Works History

Facebook Connection - Dublin Bottling Works

It seems that Dublin Bottling Works has moved on and is making a new name for its self.

Dublin Bottling Works may start a new trend, like micro beer breweries, micro soda bottlers may begin popping up all across the country. Wouldn't that be grand!

Real Sugar - Real Sodas! Looks like an awesome lineup!

Fun Soda Flavors - Triple XXX Root Beer, Cheerwine, Vintage Cola, Retro Grape, Retro Creme Soda, Cherry Limeade, Vanilla Creme, Orange Creme, Lemonade.
Cherrywine Vintage Cola Vanilla Creme XXX Root Beer
Dublin Bottling Works Orange Creme Cherry Limeade Tart n Sweet Lemonade Retro Creme Soda

What's New With Dublin Bottling Works. ADP (After Dr Pepper) Articles

The New York Times - Going on, Cane Sugar and All, After Dr Pepper

ReporterNews - Big Country Journal: Life goes on in Dublin without Dr Pepper.

Texans United - The Old Doc Is Alive And Well!
Texans United - Dublin Bottling Works Has Come Home!
Texans United - Dublin, Texas: Dublin Bottling Works

Texas Monthly - The "Dublin Dr Pepper" Legacy Lives On.
New York Times via Texas Monthly - Going on, Cane Sugar and All, After Dr Pepper

Dallas Observer Blogs - Dr Pepper Be Damned, Dublin Bottling Works is Striking Back Against Big Soda.
Dallas Observer Blogs - The Ten Most-Read City of Ate Stories of 2012

CleburneTimes-Review - Dublin moves on with can-do attitude and new soda brands.

KXAN - Dublin Bottling Co. Boss Visits Austin - (YouTube Version)
KXAN - Dr Pepper says goodbye to Dublin
KXAN - Dublin Bottling Co. boss visits Austin

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram - 34 Picture Photo Gallery/Dublin Bottling Works

Big Country - Sodas Save a Dublin Landmark as Big Country Stores Stock Up

Dallas Observer - Numerous Articles (Search Results List)
NBCDFW - Numerous Articles (Search Results List)

Annual Dublin Bottling Works Celebration!
Saturday June 8, 2013

The 2nd Saturday of June each year.
Some activities Friday June 7th
Dublin, Texas
Music - Fun - Events!

Articles about Prior Dublin Bottling Works Celebrations.

*Dallas Observer - Roadtrip: Dublin Bottling Works Turns 121 and Celebrates Small Town Style. Plus, 7 New "Retro" Sodas.
*Your Stephenville TX - Dublin Bottling Works to host celebration
*Texans United - Dublin Bottling Works Birthday Celebration Quickly Approaching
*Houston Chronicle - Dublin to Celebrate Despite Dr Pepper Snub
*Star-Telegram - Here's your chance to try the new Dublin soft drinks
*NBC DFW - Dublin Bottling Works Celebrates 121st Year
*The Business Journals - Dublin Bottling Works Gearing Up for Annual Birthday Celebration
*KXAN - Reinventing Dublin Bottling Works
*DallasNews - Former Dr Pepper bottler in Dublin plans birthday fete.
* - Steffy: Dublin to celebrate despite Dr Pepper snub.

*YouTube - Video/Dublin Bottling Works

Annual Dublin Bottling Works Celebration!

*Ft. Worth Star-Telegram - Dublin's Getting Better Without Its Dr
*Your Stephenville TX - Birthday Attendance Down By Half
*Reporter News - Dublin Bottling Works celebrates 121st year, first without Dr Pepper


Formerly -- Dublin Dr Pepper

What Happened To Dublin Dr Pepper

As of January 2012, Dublin Dr Pepper ceased to exist following a settlement between Dr Pepper/Snapple Group Inc. and Dublin Dr Pepper.

Dublin Dr Pepper was a Texas icon. The small Dublin bottling plant bottled Dr Pepper the old fashioned way, with pure-cane sugar, for over a hundred years. While Mr. Kloster was not the original owner of Dublin Dr Pepper, he was the manager and eventually the owner, and so he influenced the growth and popularity of Dublin Dr Pepper for about 60 years. Mr Kloster was affectionately known as Mr Dr Pepper and he was like Santa Claus to Christmas, he was an icon and spokesman for the tasty brown soda drink, spreading the love and joy of his favorite soft drink around the country and around the world. Even during lean years and high sugar prices, Mr. Kloster stuck to his Texas guns and continued to make his Dr Pepper with pure-cane sugar.

Many Texans joined Mr Kloster in been big supporters of Dr Pepper, as their own Texas brand soft drink, but as of January 2012, the mood seems to have changed in Texas. The Texas founded, Texas grown soda bottler received, what many Texans felt, was the "boot" when the first Dr Pepper bottling plant was taken to court and sued by The Dr Pepper/Snapple Group Inc. and was perceived to be run out of business by the interloping Snapple group, who are the current owners of Dr Pepper and the Dr Pepper formula.

Dublin Dr Pepper fans have Facebooked, Tweeted, and commented on news reports, shouting out their support for Dublin Dr Pepper and shaking a verbal finger at the Goliath DPS (Dr Pepper Snapple) for taking down their beloved historic Texas icon and degrading the purity of a Texas tradition, drinking Dr Pepper. And many Tweeters and Facebookers also recognized the impact to the small Texas town of Dublin, who may actually be the hardest hit by this take-down of one of their main employers and tourist attractions, lets face it, no offense to Dublin, but outside Dublin Dr Pepper, there was not much reason to stop in the little town. Texans don't like cannonballs being lobbed at one of their own small towns and there has been outcries of "Remember the Alamo".

It can be said that there are always two sides to every story, but when a multi-billion dollar corporation attacks one of its own who, according to reports, appears to have only equaled a tiny 1% of the corporations sales, then there really is only one side. Can you blame the homeowner for the robbery of their home, because the homeowner "foolishly" owned some nice things? Can you blame the homeowner for surrendering and letting the robbers walk off with their nice things, when the robber pulls a gun? In today's business world, when billion dollar corporate executives put a small business in their sights, they have only to pull the trigger, it's that simple, there's no place to run, no place to hide. However, did DPS shoot themselves in the foot by mistake? Many people are outraged by what they see as the bug-squashing mentally of DPS, but only time will tell if the small business loyalist stick to their boycott guns or accept another inevitable takeover by big business.

Mr. Kloster passed away a number of years ago, so he did not have to see his beloved Dublin Dr Pepper plant be dismantled, on a cold winters day, when DPS Group representatives strode into town and hauled off everything Dublin Dr Pepper. Dublin Dr Pepper died as graceful a death as possible, but don't write off the new generation of Kloster family owners, they are not quitters. A positive tune is humming loudly at the new Dublin Bottling Works as they make plans for aggressively bottling Triple XXX Root Beer, Grape, and other pure-cane sugar recipe soft drinks. Dublin Bottling Works also still has what is probably the best Dr Pepper museum collection in the world, and their ever popular Old Doc's Soda Shop is still open for refreshments and souvenirs.

This is NOT Dublin Dr Pepper.

This is a picture taken in a local grocery store in June 2012, six months after Dublin Dr Pepper stopped production.

A Dublin Dr Pepper look-alike!

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

A hundred news stories and articles can never express what Dublin Dr Pepper meant to the owners, employees, towns folk, and average Texans who just loved Dublin Dr Pepper. This video reaches into the collective soul of Dublin Dr Pepper lovers.

YouTube video "A Big Fan of Small"
Copyright © 2011 Michael C. Simpson.
Performed by Layne Golden of Dublin TX.

The Deceased: Dublin Dr Pepper

Recent Texas Monthly Article (About the documentary video "Bottled Up").
"Dublin Dr Pepper’s Last Obit"
by JASON COHEN -- TUE MAY 27, 2014 9:15 AM

Fund raising project to produce a documentary about Dublin Dr Pepper.

Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper
A new documentary...120 years in the making.

Eric Meisner
Director of Photography / Producer
Kirk Edwards
Audio / Producer
Dr Pepper Video Now on Video
Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr. Pepper.
Dr Pepper Video

"Bottled Up" will be showing at the 2014 Santa Barbara Film Festival!

2 Minute Preview Video of "Bottled Up".

4-28-13 - Awesome News!
The film "Bottle Up" was completed and featured
as the "closing" film of the Dallas Film Festival.

Fort Worth Star- Telegram
Documentary details battle between
Dublin Dr Pepper and its corporate overlords

According to news articles, the "Bottled Up" production group is still seeking additional funding to be able to add some nice polishing touches to the film.
Original Donation Info: Indiegogo Funding Web Site

If you would still like to help, here is their contact info.
Announcement Board
Website: BottledUpTheDoc
Twitter: Bottled Up
The Bottled Up Crew: Drew Rist, Don Merritt, Kirk Edwards, Eric Meisner

Additional stories related to the film "Bottle Up".

*Bloomberg - World Premiere of "Bottled Up" Documentary to Close Dallas' USA Film Festival
*Dallas Observer - Dublin Bottling and Dr Pepper Doc Bottled Up Screening at USA Film Fest
* - Legal dust up over Dublin Dr Pepper is subject of film fest entry
*Equities - Dallas' USA Film Festival World to Feature 'Bottled Up' Documentary [Food and Beverage Close - Up]


Dallas Observer - Articles and One with Counter-Lawsuit Documents

LexisNexis Summary - Original Dr Pepper Snapple Group complaint and a PDF link to the original DPSG complaint papers. - Dr Pepper Snapple Group Original Complaint - Dublin Dr Pepper Answer and Counterclaims - Dockets & Filings

Dallas Observer Blog - Summation of counter-suit. - Dublin Dr Pepper Responds to Corporate HQ's Lawsuit With Quite the Legal History Lesson.

Excerpt from (above) Observer article/Counter-suit:

"...when corporate began selling its cane-sugar anniversary Pepper products last year, it began ripping off the Dublin's designs long used for its cans -- and, of course, began using something close to the original recipe. Writes Wolens, that's when things changed:"

"In short, Corporate Dr Pepper has attempted to reap the benefit of Dublin Dr Pepper's hard work over the past several decades. More importantly, and given Corporate Dr Pepper's recent foray into making Dr Pepper with sugar (albeit a blended beet sugar), it is apparent that this suit was not brought to protect the public (who is not confused about anything Dublin Dr Pepper has done) or independent bottlers. Rather, it is likely that Corporate Dr Pepper simply wants to eliminate Dublin Dr Pepper from, or severally limit its ability to be in the market for Dr Pepper made with sugar, a market that Dublin Dr Pepper has created and maintained for the past several decades."

Newspaper, Magazine and Online Articles

MSN Money
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal - Video Travel
Texas Monthly - R.I.P. DP, 1891-2012
Houston/ - Demise of Local Dr Pepper Brand Worries TexasTown
Houston/ - Steffy: Dr Pepper's tactics leave bitter taste
Houston/ - ...Big Red follows Dr Pepper into sunset
Weatherford Democrat - Local Cafe Stops Serving Dr Pepper In Protest
AllBusiness - Dr Pepper Snapple files lawsuit against Dr Pepper Bottling
Texas Monthly - Toasting the end of Dublin Dr Pepper. (Picture)

The Whimsical World of Winston - An Open Letter to Larry Young, CEO and Bungler-in-Chief of Dr Pepper
TotalSpectrum - Little Dublin Dr. Pepper and Big Ole Snapple: Which brand won?
HoustonPress - Dublin Dr Pepper Officially No Longer Exists, But Cane Sugar-Sweetened Dr Pepper Still Does.

TV News Reports

WFFA - TV - Dublin's tearful farewell to Dr Pepper - Interview with Jeff Kloster

NBC DFW - Several News Stories - One with Interview with Jeff Kloster

FOX 4 NEWS - Dublin Dr Pepper Fountains Running Dry - Restaurant interviews.

CBS DFW - Dublin Dr Pepper Fans Furious At Corporation

NBC DFW - Dublin Dr Pepper Is No More

KXAN - TV - Dr Pepper says goodbye to Dublin

KTXS TV - Dublin Dr Pepper Sells Its Last Case Of Dr Pepper Soda

Fox 4 News
Dublin Dr Pepper Is No More
Dr Pepper Sues Dublin Bottler
Dublin Dr Pepper Vows to Continue Production Despite Lawsuit

Fans Rise Up In Protest To Try And Save Dublin Dr Pepper
End Of The Line For Bottling ‘Dublin’ Dr Pepper
Lawsuit: Dublin Dr Pepper Not What Doctor Ordered

Business News
Bye-Bye Dublin Dr Pepper
Customers Snag Dublin Dr Pepper
Business New Dublin Dr Pepper
Instant Live 8
Dublin Dr Peppers Last Sand Sculpture
Business Dublin
Dublin Bottler Faces Challenge of Selling New Sodas.

Chef Jon Bonnell Joins Dr Pepper Boycott
Searching for the Last Dublin Dr Pepper
Dublin Dr Pepper Sets Up Legal Defense Fund
Dublin Rallies Around Local Dr Pepper
Dublin Rallies Around Hometown Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Sues Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Family Feud Heats Up
Larry Young, president of Dr Pepper Snapple, said in a 2009 interview with KERA-TV that, "The amazing thing with Dublin is they still have the pure cane sugar. It's the original formula with Imperial sugar, and their following is unbelievable. Nothing tastes better when it's ice-cold."

Food Related Sources

Alton Brown's Tweet: Dear Texas, Go buy all the Dublin Dr. Pepper you can, while you can. Then go out and shoot a bottle of Snapple.

FoodBeast - Lawsuit Puts An End to Dublin Dr Pepper.

Specialty Sodas - Dublin Dr Pepper Soda Review & Where to Buy Dublin Dr Pepper Soda. - Rest In Peace: Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company.

Soda Spectrum Magazine - Soda eMagazine

Robb Walsh - Texas Eats - Dublin Dr Pepper Is Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Weatherford Democrat - Local Cafe Stops Serving Dr Pepper in Protest.

Social Media Sources, Facebook and Twitter.

You don't have to be a member of Facebook to read these open Facebook pages.

I Support Dublin Dr Pepper
Boycott Dr Pepper
Boycott Dr Pepper's Petty Corporate Greed
Occupy Dr Pepper/Snapple
Dublin Dr Pepper
Bring Back Dublin Dr Pepper
Weatherford Downtown Cafe - Stops Serving Dr Pepper

Dublin Dr Pepper Boycotting

BoycottingDr Pepper
Facebook Page

There are numerous Tweets, just do a search of Dublin Dr Pepper.

Alton Brown's Tweet
Bottled Up

Petitions & Complaints - Most Popular Petition - List of Petitions

ComplaintNow - Dublin Dr Pepper Closing

Other Sources


Wikipedia - Dublin Dr Pepper

Items For Sale

Dublin Bottle Works Gift Shop

Karen Wright's Book - The Road to Dr Pepper, Texas

Atomic Jukebox Website - Boycott Posters & Wooden Nickels

Texas Highway April 2013 - Daytripper with Chet Garner: Luck O'Dublin

Interesting Dublin Dr Pepper Articles

AllBusiness - Sugar makes Dr Pepper special from Dublin, Texas (Note 20 case limit mentioned in the article.)
Lone Star Adventure: Dublin Dr Pepper
Dublin Dr Pepper Wins The Golden Local
Soda Fans Say Sugar Is the Sweetest Thing
Dallas News - Dr Pepper plant planning its 120th birthday party
Texas Twisted - The Dublin Dr Pepper Plant
AllBusiness - Oldest Dr Pepper plant, Dublin proud to celebrate 119 years
The Highly Unofficial Dr Pepper FAQ
Google Search Results for Dr Pepper like sodas

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.

Dr Pepper/SnappleGroup Inc.
Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper/Snapple Facebook - Just click on "View All Comments" under subjects. - Responsible Shopper - Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

AllBusiness - Dr Pepper orders sugar for 125th anniversary (DPSG)

Stock Quotes for DPS - Dr Pepper/Snapple

LocalizedUSA - Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) Analysts Downgrade Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) Shares to “Market Perform"


"A Big Fan of Small" Dublin Dr Pepper Rally!

Tribute Video to Dublin Dr Pepper at WFAA by uncletubby3386

Sentiments for rural America. (Thanks to Robert for this suggestion ) YouTube:
Alan Jackson - Little Man

Sentiment for Mr. Kloster, fondly known as, Mr. Dr Pepper. Mr. Kloster wasn't a farmer, like the man in this Alan Jackson song, but he was a small town, southern business man, as southern, polite, and sincere as they come.

YouTube: Alan Jackson - Small Town Southern Man

Bill Kloster Statue
Statue of Mr. W.P. (Bill) Kloster


Dublin Texas Welcomes You! - Some nice footage of the Dublin Dr Pepper plant.


Production on a documentary about Dublin Dr Pepper.

Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper
A new documentary...120 years in the making.

Eric Meisner
Director of Photography / Producer
Kirk Edwards
Audio / Producer
For Info: Announcement Board & Website: BottledUpTheDoc

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Dublin Days
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