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Gardening & Outdoors
Including Interesting Plants & Fun Outdoor Things

Gardening and Outdoors

On This Page: Favorite Tips Gardening Interesting

Favorite Tips

Fire Ant - Tip: If you live in the south, fire ants are a nightmare. I usually get attacked on my feet when I am out in the yard in flip-flops. Immediately after a fire ant attack, I go into the house, step into the bath tub and pour bleach over my feet. It works like a charm for me. I got the idea from my brother who used to get into poison ivy when he was out working, he told me he used bleach, so I decided to give bleach a try for fire ants, and I was amazed that it worked so well. Another tip going around Facebook for Mosquito bites also seems to work for me with fire ant blisters, heating an old metal spoon with a lighter and applying the (medium) hot spoon to the blister, big relief for me.


Dave's Garden - Dave's Garden is the hands-down favorite web site of gardeners around the world. Our articles and videos show you how to start seeds and learn how to have your best garden ever. Members can chat with other gardeners in our 231 forums, and identify your plants, pests, birds and butterflies. - Source to purchase live Butterflies - cool or what?

Live Monarch ButterfliesPurchase Live Monarch Butterflies

Interesting Plants

Miracle Fruit - Makes things taste sweet.
Miracle Fruit Description - Growing Your Own Miracle Fruit - What is Miracle Fruit?

Saffron - Rare seasoning for elegant foods.
Saffron Description - How to Grow Saffron - Where to Buy Saffron

Moringa Plant - Nutritional Plant, and according to Wikipedia, it is being promoted as a plant to help combat poverty and malnutrition.

Wikipedia - Moringa Plant

Zija - Nutritional beverage drink made from the Moringa Plant.


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Live Monarch ButterfliesPurchase Live Monarch Butterflies
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