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Internet Politics
Information About What's Important Around The Internet

The Internet is a growing evolving entity with a life of its own. How it should grow, or not grow, is a subject of controversy. Freedom always comes with a price tag, and so far most people seem to want to accept the risks and pitfalls of Internet freedom rather than have a handful of bureaucrats controlling it. Then there are also subjects, like states wanting to collect sales tax for online purchases, and the entertainment industry trying to gain some control of the plagiarism of their products. It's complicated, to say the least. Here are some Internet related subjects.

On This Page: Legislation Sales Tax IRS 1099K

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Internet Legislation

Senate 968 (PIPA) and HR 3261 (SOPA) are bills seeking to give government control over aspects of the Internet.

On January 18, 2012 many Internet web sites went black for the day in protest of SOPA. Web sites such as Craigslist and Wikipedia substituted protest banners for their web sites for the day. Reports say that the US President refused to support these bills, and that for now the bills are dead, but supporters of Internet freedom are sure to remain vigilant.

Craigslist - Article about SOPA and concerns for too much government power.
American Censorship Organization - Stop American Censorship

Example of web site protest banner:

On Line Sales Tax

Most states collect state sales tax. These states also collect sales tax for any mail order/online sales made to a customer residing in their state if the selling company has a presence in their state, such any retail stores, corporate offices, and perhaps even if the company has warehousing in their state.

Until recently, states did not collect out-of-state sales tax from individuals (like small eBay sellers) or businesses located solely in another state. Many states have long lusted after that elusive interstate sales tax money, and some, like California and Texas are going after it, while others are proposing new legislation to try to help replenish their depleted coffers with this new source of revenue. Perhaps states find it easier to go after new sources of money than control their own spending. Still, there are three sides to this story.

The businesses that must collect sales tax from customers often complain that they can not compete with out-of-state sellers who can offer lower prices, since those out-of-staters do not have to charge sales tax. Consumers, on the other hand, seem to enjoy the lower mail order prices. The third side of the triangle is the mail order sellers, who currently do not collect out-of-state taxes, who protests that it would be far too difficult to collect and distribute the various state, county, and local taxes from all of the states.

Different Views on Sales Tax

Our View: In Texas-Amazon sales tax battle, consumers will end up paying bill
NapiervilleSun: Sales tax act is simply a matter of fairness

What Does the Constitution and Congress Say About Sales Taxes

New Rules Project - Internet Sales Tax Fairness
New Rules Project - Main Street Fairness Act

Sales Tax News

Amazon Reaches Agreement with Indiana on Sales Taxes
Amazon, California Reportedly Strike Deal in Sales Tax Standoff
Let’s Make a Deal, Amazon Tells Texas

EcommerceBytes - Numerous articles discussing online/mail order sales tax.

IRS Changes For Small Online Businesses

New IRS Rules - 1099K Required for Online Sellers With Over $20,000 in sales.

For individuals and small businesses who have been selling online and using payment companies such as Google, Amazon, and PayPal, the rules have changed, the IRS is now requiring such companies to file 1099K forms to disclose the incomes earned online by these sellers.

How The New IRS Form 1099K Impacts Your Tax Return

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