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This web site is for sharing info I have learned, my opinions, and helpful links; it is not meant to be an authoritative web site. You should seek your own council for your business, health, and personal needs.
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Just For Fun
Fun & Metaphysical Links

Things page is about things that are funny and cute or just down right silly. Things that distract your brain or give you pause to think and wonder.

On This Page: Metaphysical Mind Games Jokes

More Coming Soon.


Biorhythm - Ever wonder why some days you feel great and on other days you have to drag yourself out of bed? The answer might be in your rhythm, mental, physical and emotional highs and lows are discussed and free charts are available at numerous web sites. Just enter your birth date, no personal information is needed, so be cautious of any web site that asks for personal info, they just need your birth date.

Free Biorhythm Charts
Free Biorhythms
Free Online Biorhythm Charts
Free Biorhythm Calculator and Plotter

Astrology - Many people find reading their daily horoscope a fun distraction, others take it seriously, either way, it is interesting. - Free horoscopes and pay for reading web site. - Also has celebrity birthdays.
Yahoo! Shine - Brief read horoscope, just click on your sign.

I Ching - The 3,000 (plus) year old Chinese practice of asking a question and throwing coins six times, marking the results, and then referring to the I Ching text for the answer.

Rediscovering the I Ching
64 I Ching Answers

There are now I Ching readings online. There are plenty of free sources.

I Ching Online
I Ching / I Fate
Consult the Yijing / I Ching online

I Ching Astrology

Mind Games

Eyetricks - Optical Illusions Galleries

Learn to create your own game programs: HTML5 Game Development Tutorials


Life can get serious, so something you just need to smile or have a good laugh.

Maxine Comics

Grandma's Laughs & Tid Bits (Facebook)

Entertainment - TV show info, and interaction between TV fans, plus online games.

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