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This web site is for sharing info I have learned, my opinions, and helpful links; it is not meant to be an authoritative web site. You should seek your own council for your business, health, and personal needs.
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How to Create and Sell Information Products on eBay
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Making Money - Internet
Some Interesting Ideas For Internet Profits

Making Money on the Internet is not a pipe dream, it is a reality; the catch is how much money can you make. Well, you can sell garage sale finds on eBay and earn some extra cash or you can create Facebook and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. There was very little money originally put into Facebook to get it started, all it really took was an idea, and idea of how to promote the it, and programming knowledge.

On This Page: Affiliate Programs Blogging For Profit Inventing Next Facebook
Selling - eBooks Selling - Auctions Selling - Online Selling Software
Selling Self-Help MLM/Representative Turnkey Web Sites  

There will always be get-rich schemes which may only make the founders and a few aggressive promoters rich, but there really are loads of genuine opportunities on the Internet. My recommendation is to read, verify, and learn (RVL). Read everything you can in your spare time, subscribe to e-mail newsletters, read articles, and buy affordable books. Verify all "opportunities by doing an Internet search, example" ABC company review" or "ABC Company scam" and read with others have to say. Learn about the Internet and programming languages, starting with the fact that the Internet is a noun and should be capitalized and that web sites are written in programming code.

If you want to get ahead on the Internet it might serve you well to at least learn HTML. There are several programming languages that can be used to create a web site, but HTML is the basic standard. You can self-teach yourself programming with books or with free Internet learning web sites. Why so many free learning web sites, because most are affiliate web sites, they give free learning information and earn income from the business ads sprinkled around their web site.

If you are not good at self-teaching you can take classes at a community college. Why am I venturing into programming, because much of the success on the Internet comes to people who "know what they are doing" with programming. You can sell on eBay without knowing programming, and you can run a blog without know programming, and you can get turnkey web sites and sell and do many thinks on the Internet without ever knowing a stitch of programming, but learning some programming opens a lot more opportunities.

Don't forget that you can also promote your online endeavor locally with business cards, newspaper ads, post cards, and having a booth at a business related show or event.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are a simple concept. You promote a product or service for a company/vendor and if your efforts in promoting their product generates a sale, they pay you (cost-per-action). If you have a web site or blog or even if you just pass out flyers or business cards you can promote products and earn income. However, for more direct marketing, like business cards and local advertising, it might be best to find items to promote that provide you with your own pre-made web site. Web page banner ads that direct people to other companies' web sites often have long URL (web addresses) necessary to include your affiliate ID.

Affiliate linking code examples:

Turnkey type pages. URL not too long.

URL with affiliate referral ID. A bit long for a business card, don't you think

Affiliate programs can be offered and run by individual companies or companies can opt to have their affiliate programs run and maintained by an affiliate service such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, and LinkShare. There are more affiliate services than most people would ever have the time to investigate. Perhaps the best know affiliate service providers are Google AdSense and Amazon, along with Yahoo! Word of warning here, beware of companies that send you emails trying to recruit you as an affiliate, check them out before giving out your information. If you have signed up as an affiliate with a big company, they will rightfully send you vendors names you might want to consider, that's their job, but as far as I have seen the legitimate ones don't spam you with unsolicited e-mails trying to recruit you.

Promotion Tools for Proven Amazon Course (PAC) by Jim Cockrum

How can you become an Affiliate? It is necessary to ask to be an affiliate, but from experience about 75% of companies instantly approve affiliate requests. Simply look for an "Affiliate" link on web sites, often at the very bottom of the pages, which will link to information about a company's affiliate program or it will direct you to their affiliate service provider. It does not cost anything to join affiliate program. Some turnkey programs may, however, require fees, because they are providing you with a web site and hosting that web site.

Commission Junction




Affiliate Programs
(There are hundreds, these are just a few.)
Commission Junction Amazon Affiliate VigLink Millionaire Network
LinkShare PayLoadz LinkConnector UK - LinkShare
ClickBank RevenueWire UK - Affiliate Future
Google AdSense AvantLink TradeDoubler UK - Affiliate Window
eBay Partner Network eneNetworkDirect InfusionSoft CA - NeverBlue
Pepperjam/EbayPN Plimus Affiliate Network CA - AdCommunal

How to began an Affiliate web site? A good plan for an affiliate web site is to select a subject that interests you. Then build a web site or blog around that theme and find affiliate programs that complement that theme. An affiliate web site earns revenue, not from selling products, but for referring people to other companies' web sites to buy things. A good affiliate web site offers free, helpful information to attract readers. Such as an affiliate web site that shares information and stories about baseball cards, along with pictures of a baseball cards, then presents ads linking to companies who sell baseball cards, books on collecting, and card collecting accessories. It is not required to have an informative web site, but that style seems to attract more readers and gain approval from more affiliate programs. There are literally hundreds of ebooks and books written on the subject of creating affiliate web sites.

Newsletter: MThink Revenue Performance

Website Magazine Website Magazine

The owner of an affiliate web site is a publisher and/or a webmaster. The companies with products and services to sell are merchants or vendors.

Examples of Affiliate style web sites:

Simple, but with good content:
Complicated with content:

Along with affiliate programs there are Pay-Per Click programs where companies pay a publisher (web site owner) for clicks to their web sites, even if the potential customer does not buy anything. PPC is generally better for strong, high profile web sites with a lot of Internet traffic.

Blogging For Profit

Blogging is a web log, originally kind of like a public journal or diary; remember the movie "Julie and Julia" where the young woman tries to cook every recipe in the "Julia Child Cookbook" and to do so in one year. Julie chronicled her cooking endeavor openly, sharing her trials and tribulations online, with the world, by blogging. Blogging has become much more than a public journal, it is now a way for people and businesses to share information that is published more often and updated more often than a traditional web site. What has really gone wild about blogs is their ability to be used to generate income. It was a sure thing that someone would figure about a way to made blogs profitable. It is very simple, sell ads or place affiliate banners on a blog and viola, income; well almost, like a web site you need Internet traffic, people, cruising your blog that will buy things, but generating web traffic is another subject.

A blog is simply a web site, just in a different format than normal web pages. Blogs are usually set up to look like a running journal of posts and if the blog is also set up to earn income, there will be ad banners or links on the page.

Most hosting services offer a Blog web site option; however, they may or may not actually have Blog software. Many hosting services are really just selling the web space with a link to free Blog software like WordPress or Google's Blogger. If you are a beginner, you might want to consider using a true Blog hosting service, like TypePad, that has their own Blogging software and really takes you step-by-step through how to setup and run a Blog, and as a bonus TypePad web sites have some income banners for your web site so you can be up and running an income style right away. It costs a little more initially, but after many hosting services' first year specials are over, there is not too much difference in the cost.

Google Blogger

WordPress Theme Development Training Wheels

Create Your Blog Today With TypePad

More helpful Blogging Information:

*31 Days To Build A Better Blog Click here to view more details
*Article for how to start a blog. Courtney Tuttle - Court's Internet Marketing School
*Domains Blogs and More
*Beginner's Guide To Setup A Web Site/Blog

Inventing the Next Facebook

Who will invent the next Facebook or eBay? If you want to invent the next Facebook, you need programming knowledge or someone with programming knowledge, an idea and luck. Facebook was one those right time, right place ideas, like eBay, Twitter and more. Building a better mouse trap is a hard thing to do on the Internet, once something takes off it dominates the market, people tend to stay with what they know, it seems, but rules are made to be broken, so they say. If you are really interested in business on the Internet than take the time to learn about it. Take emagazines, read articles. It doesn't come all at once, the Internet is way to complicated, but it will come in time. Specializing is the best advice, I believe, for success on the Internet, and I should take my own advice.

Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks on the Internet has become a very popular way to earn income. The upside is that it's an easy product to handle, no inventory, just e-mail text to the buyer. The downside is that everyone is doing it. Does that mean a new person can not climb on board? Certainly not, but I believe that the new person needs to be savvy and aggressive. There is also a market to sell affiliate links on your web site to other eBook sellers and just profit from their work.

Amazon is the big place to sell eBooks, and to find eBooks to resell.

ClickBank is a good source for affiliate links to eBook sellers.

Selling Software

There are two types of software to sell, software you wrote or software someone else wrote. If you desire to sell software that others have written, then again, there are two types, major commercial software and small entrepreneur software.

Selling software available from major corporations normally requires a brick and mortar store or a huge online presence. To sell your own software or smaller company's software, there are various ways to reach customers online, places like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, your own Blog, or your own web site. But there are some "different" ways people are earning income from selling software such as turnkey software selling web sites and promoting free open software on an affiliate type web site or blog.

The turnkey software web sites are simple, you pay a fee and receive rights to resell a group of software and you receive a web site. If it's not turnkey, then you pay to resell the software, but you need to set up your own web site. There are also affiliate software options, where you pay for a web site and/or a pre-written promotional e-mail that has links to someone else's software selling web site and you earn an affiliate income if the customer purchases software. Much of the software that is available for sale is actually freeware, or nearly free software (very low cost) that someone has batched together, written good ad copy and made it easy to distribute.

Promoting freeware software as an affiliate web site is also simple. There are many sources to find freeware, and people create web sites that link to this free software, and maybe free images, free web design programs, and so on. To earn income this style of web site will have affiliate earning banners that compliment the freeware. As an example, a web site might give links to free Blog software, perhaps some articles about starting a blog, and then to earn income, they have affiliate banner links to where customers can buy more advanced blog software or were to get articles for a Blog, and where to buy other services related to Blogging.

There are companies that offer assistance and programs for selling download software and eBooks.

Selling - Auctions

Selling products at online auctions is not what it once was, the glory days are gone, from my experience, but like anything else there are opportunities for the right idea. Some auctions, like eBay, give you the ability to search close auctions to see what sold for what price and what did not sell (the link is along the left side of any eBay product search results page "Completed". This can help you to see if there is a niche for your idea. Many people have moved away from eBay to smaller auction and retail sites like Ruby Lane and some people have gone local with Craigslist. There are many sources for inventory, WebSellersLunchClub is a huge resource of information

Alibaba - Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers, Products.

Selling Online

Selling Online is a multiple subject. It can be promoting your already existing products that you currently sell from you brick and mortar store. You might want to sell just online without a store. You might want to sell items you hand make or products you buy for resale. You might want to auction items or sell at a set price. You might want to sell information online, like eBooks. Whatever you want to sell online there is a way to sell it.

For handcrafted items there are web sites like For your own web site there is a seemly unlimited number of hosting services. For the serious seller there are web sites with shipping carts. Even PayPal offers a shopping cart. For auctions there is, of course, eBay and for local selling there is Craigslist and Upillar. For selling retail, without managing your own web site, there tons of web stores like Ruby Lane. - Huge resource for selling online. - Web Hosting information.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Selling Self-Help

There are so many self-help downloadable ebook reseller and affiliate programs that you can just put "self help ebook sell, reseller or affiliate" in a browser search and plenty of options will come up. There are also plenty of reseller download ebooks for specific subjects, if you want to specialize, such as buying and selling real estate, how to start an affiliate web site, how to start a blog, and the list is seemingly endless. Remember, when you find a program that you are interested in to do a web search on the company or program to see what others are saying.

Offers Affiliate Program - eBooks


The selling system of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is predicated on earning income from a down line of sells people as well as ones own person sells. Many MLM programs have been legitimized with years of a strong member sales force that keeps the companies alive and thriving. Other MLMs are fly-by-night operations that come and go within a few years. So what's the difference?

It is my opinion that the companies that 'keep going' as the bunny says, are the ones that offer a product that millions of people actually want to buy. The MLMs that take your money and run, offer a product that on the surface may seem like a good product, but when you go out and try to sell it, you discover it's just not what people want. What makes this second type of MLM morally wrong, is that the people running it know there is a problem with the product and go right on promoting it to unwary people.

Think of it this way, if a sales organization needs to take the show on the road, beware. If you hear about a product from family and friends and they like it and you buy it and like it, then there is the possibility for you to earn money. Here's the catch, you have to work! Some people can earn big incomes with just calling in some stock trades, but most of us have to work, the restaurant owner, the attorney, the office worker, and so on. When you take on a MLM program, you need to be a people person and love your product. You need to wake up every morning excited and bright eyed to share you product with everyone you met, that includes the grocery store clerk, your dentist, your postman, the server at the restaurant, literally everyone you met. If you are timid about sharing your product, then don't plan on being a big success, but that's okay, if you are just looking for a side-line business, it could be perfect.

Promoting products as a representative has long been popular among people who desire independence or for health reasons need to work out of their homes. The biggest problem is that people don't realize that working for themselves is hard work, usually harder than any job they have had before. Being an independent entrepreneur can also be costly, maybe requiring business cards, post cards, ads, perhaps driving expenses, and in some cases product inventory.

There are long standing representative type companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Sarah Coventry. Then there are newer companies like Scentsy, Premier Designs Jewelry, Zija Nutritional Beverage, and Carlisle Belt Collection. Then there are the companies that run around the country giving seminars offering big opportunities for a low investment. So how do you know who to trust? Like everything that concerns your money, check out any company that you are considering getting involved with, do a browser search on the Internet to see what other people are saying.

On quick note, many of the get-rich-quick seminars have some redeeming qualities, they often have learning materials that can be very informative, both free information and books that they sell.

Wikipedia - MLM

MLM The Truth - Free download ebook and articles.

MLM Rankings - Over 600 rankings for MLM programs.

Turnkey Web Sites

There are different types of Turnkey Web Sites, but basically Turnkeys are web sites that containing one or more pages that are already created with content, images, links, and payment software, if needed, so that very little modification should be required to use them. Many Turnkey Web Sites will use simple fill in the blank or drag and drop options to make modifications. There is a seemingly endless variety, but here are some of the different types.

Many drop ship income opportunities provide Turnkey Web Sites. These web sites usually have multiple pages to feature the various products and a shopping cart for customers to buy the products. Your job is to promote the web site and the drop ship company fulfills the orders.

Today, most of the multi-level marketing business opportunity companies provide Turnkey web sites to its members, these are pre-made web sites with the company's theme and product information, it may be one page or several pages. In a few simple steps this type of web site can be personalized with an individual's name or business name and contact information. MLM companies may provide their themed web sites for one flat annual fee or it may require a monthly payment, so be sure to check this out. MLM web sites often do not require members to purchase a domain name, the MLM member is usually given a sub-domain name free with their membership.

A reseller type Turnkey Web Site is normally designed to sell non-tangible items directly to consumers, things such as ebooks, downloadable software, web hosting space, web site templates, domain names and other related web site items. The main feature of a pre-made reseller web site is that it will have selling text and images that strongly promotes the items being sold.

If the Turnkey Web Site is a pre-made affiliate web site, it will mostly likely have pre-written articles, as filler content, and the pre-placed ad links will relate to the pre-written articles. However, there is something of important to remember, a turnkey affiliate web site will probably require opening your own affiliate accounts and placing your affiliate ID into the affiliate links so the vendor knows who to pay.

There are also business themed Turnkey Web Sites for people who don't want to create their own web sites. The business web site themes cover most common businesses, like retail stores, beauty shops, affiliate income web sites, automobile sales, hobbies, business services, and many more. These pre-made business web sites can be customized for anyone's business.

A couple of last things to remember, nothing just happens, you have to work your business, just like any business, and learn how to rise your web site up in the search engine rankings, it's called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Be sure to take a few minutes to research a Turnkey Web Site company before investing you money, there are lots of scams.

Turnkey Web Sites

Basic Tips - Article about Turnkey Web Sites.

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