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Scams & Misinformation
Helpful Ideas To Avoid Scams

Scams are serious threats in our computerized world, and misinformation only serves to confuse us in an over communicated environment. Scams can be as emotionally upsetting as a home invasion, especially to seniors who already feel like they are losing control. So a note here, if you have an elderly parent who gets scammed, don't make them feel worse by talking down to them, because you have probably been scammed, it happens to honest people. If you have never been scammed yourself, at school, work, or from a real con person, you are indeed a lucky person.

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Yahoo! Finance - 5 Ways to Get Taken by Fake Checks


Virtually every single e-mail forward that I receive from friends turns out to be false. Before you forward misinformation on to your friends, take a moment to check out that latest (actually five year old) e-mail forward that you just received. You may like what it says, but it is just wrong to pass around lies and half-truths to your friends. - Source for rumors and misinformation. - Urban Legends - A comprehensive listing of urban legends, rumors, and Internet hoaxes.

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