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Senior Citizens
Information for Seniors and Their Children

Being a Senior Citizen is complicated today. Here are some notes about Social Security, Medicare, and other senior related services and information.

On This Page: Social Security Medicare Senior Info

The official Social Security and Medicare web sites actually have good information. The Social Security web site even has a calculator to help determine what age is the best to start social security.

Social Security

Social Security - Official Web Site

Divorced spouses are often eligible for Social Security income tied to their ex-spouses higher social security income, without effecting the ex-spouses income or having to be in contact with the ex-spouse, and it doesn't even matter if either one is remarried.

Here is an article on the subject of ex-spouse Social Security.
Yahoo! Finance - Boosting Mom’s Social Security Payments


Medicare - Official Web Site

Medicare can be very confusing, the big issue to remember is that seniors can only apply to the Medicare and supplement plans at certain times of the year, open-enrollment, when a person first turns 65 and then supplement plans normally at the end of each year. Drug plans have to be set up separately and it's best if done when a person first applies for Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans are insurance options to replace Medicare. The supplement payments can be deducted from your social security, just as Medicare, and many plans cost no more than Medicare. The supplement medigap plans, generally have more comprehensive coverage than Medicare.

Are All Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Equal? Good all round Medicare article, short and to the point.

There are many Medicare Supplement Plans, these are two of the larger companies.
Medicare-AARP® Medicare
Humana® Medicare Plans

Senior Info

A hospital stay can qualify an elderly patient for extra services. A senior may qualify for in-home care and therapy after a few days in the hospital and they may also qualify for rehab at a care center after a stay in the hospital. ASK!

Finding help to deal with caring for elderly parents is one of the hardest things you may ever have to do. It is upsetting for you, your elderly parent will probably have become difficult, and it is not easy to find help sources. States have different arrangements, this is a general overview of some issues. There are usually limits on how much a senior's income is verses what a nursing home will cost. If the senior's income is over a set limit, they probably will not qualify for state funded care. There are also usually limits on how long a senior can stay in a nursing before their home has to be sold to begin paying for their care. There are laws in most states that don't allow children to sale their parent's home to avoid paying for the parent's nursing home care.

Reach out for help, others have been through it. Check with friends and relatives. Try local senior centers. Nursing homes often know the ins and outs. Many large cities have volunteer services such as Meals-On-Wheels and drivers willing to help drive seniors to doctor appointments. Senior centers often have meal programs and field trips for seniors, some even have tax help at income tax time.

A Place For Mom - FREE Elder Care Referral Service.

Yahoo! Finance - The New Retirement Resorts - Forget Assisted-Living Facilities.
Some Intrepid Folks Are Venturing Out to Foreign Countries, Spas and Cruise Ships.

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