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Social Networks
Personal - Groups & Business

Social Networks are Internet web sites for people to make contact socially and for business. Social Networks allow people to comment and communicate with one another via the Internet. This is a brief introduction to some of the more popular social sites. Most of this page is given to Facebook, but there are other social networks.

On This Page: Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Others Google+ Zenergo StumbledUpon

There are so many Social Network sites, here are information links about some of the Social Network web sites.

Mashable Social Network - Current news and information about social media.

eBiz/ - List of top social networks. - List of Social Networks.


Facebook for Business - Separate page in this site.

Facebook is used by individuals who want to share comments and pictures with friends and family, and it is also used by businesses that want to create fan pages to promote their product or service to Facebook users.

Facebook only allows individuals to have one membership. Except for special exceptions, businesses need to use an individual's membership to create a Fan Page. I assume the idea is to reduce deception my members. An individual member can, however, have more than one business Fan Page if they have multiple businesses.

Joining Facebook is free and easy, using and understanding Facebook, not so much, but millions of people are doing it so it stands to reason that you can actually limp along through Facebook at first without really understanding Facebook.

Perhaps before trying to explain an individual's "Wall" it would be best to start with the three types of Facebook pages, which gets confusing as Facebook specifically calls business pages "Pages".

There are Walls for individuals and there are Walls for Groups, which are basically Walls for a group of individuals, and there are Pages or Fan Pages for businesses. Got it?

You, as an individual, gets a "Wall". If you want to create a group within your circle of friends, like "Family Only" then you create a group and invite just those people you want to allow to post comments on that Group Wall, which is a separate entity from your own personal Wall.

Individual's Wall - Facebook Help

If you have a Facebook membership and you want to promote a business, then you can create a Fan Page and other Facebook members can view your Page and if they want to comment or receive news feeds from your Page, they need to "Like" your Page. Facebook seems to constantly over uses terms, which is probably why people seem to find Facebook confusing at first. You can "Like" someone's comment and you can "Like" a Fan Page in order to comment on the page and/or to receive comments on your Wall from that Fan Page.

Quote from Facebook Help:

How are Pages different from groups? Which one should I create?

Pages allow real organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate broadly with people who like them. Pages may only be created and managed by official representatives.

Groups provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone.

Personal Walls

Now that that is all clear, when you sign up for Facebook what will you find on your personal Wall? Again, it is a bit confusing, but you essentially have two Walls, a Wall timeline of your own posts and a News Feed Wall with a collection of posts from your "Friends", from Groups that have included you, and from Fan Pages that you have "Liked".

First concentrate on the blue navigation bar across the top. With normal Facebook logic, your News Feed Wall of posts from others is accessed by clicking on your "Home" link, far right on the blue tool bar. Your own Wall timeline of post you have made are found by clicking on your own name, also on the right in the blue nav bar. The other named link on the right in the nav bar is "Find Friends". The last link on the right is a tiny down triangle that has a administration drop down menu: Account Settings, Privacy Settings, Log Out, and Help.

The left side of the blue navigation bar, left of the "Search" box, has tiny icons. The Globe is Notifications (what people have commented on or liked about your posts or posts you also commented on). The double message box icon is for Messages, private correspondence between you and your Friends. The double silhouette icon shows Friend Requests, people that are asking to be your Friend.

Let's stop here for a moment and discuss what a Friend is and how you get and become a "Friend". Friends can be relatives, old classmates, co-workers, current friends, anyone that you want to allow to meet with you on Facebook. Being a Friend must be mutual, one person asks and the other person must agree. A person does not have to be a Friend to see your information, it depends on how you have your Privacy Settings. Unless you adjust your privacy settings, anyone will be able to see your personal timeline of posts, your information page, and your pictures. It's a fine line for what you close off from the public, if you close off too much people can not see who you are to know if they know you. Also, if you do not include your maiden name or name from your school days, old school mates probably will not know who you are.

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Play safe, it can't be said enough, pay attention to who you connect with online. You should be cautious about accepting Friend requests and take a moment to verify if you know the person asking to be your Friend. When you get a Friend request you can click on the requester's name and see who they are. If you do not recognize who someone is, do more checking before accepting them as a Friend. When you get a Friend request it will show how many mutual friends you have, ask some of those mutual Friends if they know who this person is. Don't just trust what a the requester's profile says, anyone can say they were in the same high school as your high school by simply getting that information off of your information page, if you have it set to be visible to the public, and they can trick a few of your Friends with this ploy, so don't trust that your mutual Friends actually know this person. I use to verify, well, old classmates. Classmates has a huge collection of high school annuals and I search the name index to see if there was such a person in any of my high school annuals. No annual name or picture, I don't respond to their Friend request.

There are also People Finding service that you can pay for:

Along the left side of your Home/News Feed Wall and personal Wall are additional links. On your Home/News Feed Wall are options such as: Favorites, Groups, Apps, Pages, and Lists. On your personal Wall you will find options such as: Wall, Info, Photos, Notes, Friends, and Subscriptions, along with thumb nails of some of your Friends.

Along the right side of both of your Wall pages there are two columns. The inner column has things like Friend's birthdays and events, and adverting. The outer column is a running News Feed of what your Friends are posting, and a list of Friends with green dots next to the names of Friends who are currently online.

Facebook Groups

If you have a number of Facebook Friends that share a similar interest, like a book club, or movie goers, you can create a Group. If you have a lot of family members and you want to have a place to share comments that only your family receives, you can create a Group. A Group is nice because not all of your Friends have to get your special interest posts.

Group - Facebook Help

Facebook Business/Fan Pages

Where Walls and Groups are for individuals, a Page is for businesses, organizations, and bands and artists. Pages are often called a Fan Page, since individuals need to "Like" (be a fan of) a Page to post on a Page and to receive news feeds from that Page. The are thousands of Apps (Application Software) available for use on Facebook and when it comes to Pages, some of the more popular Apps deal with Polls and putting HTML code on a Facebook Page or creating a full HTML Welcome Page.

Business Pages - Facebook Basics
Business/Fan Pages - Facebook Help

Facebook Apps:

How to Put HTML on Facebook by David Weedmark
Tradable Bits
Social Media Examiner
Baltic Point - Landing Page
Poll For Facebook
Vizu - Facebook Polls
Appbistro - Polls

General Facebook Knowledge:

Facebook Help Center
Wikipedia - What is Facebook
Newbie's Guide to Facebook by Josh Lowensohn


Twitter is free and easy to join. It is what I would call a brief contact source. The posts are limited to 140 characters. People can create "Handles" in place of their names, so you do not necessarily know who you are "Following". You "Follow" people and other people can "Follow" your posts. You can also search on a subject and see what people are "Tweeting" about. You can "Follow" people or businesses.

Wikipedia - What is Twitter
The Twitter Guide Book by Mashable
Twitter Simplified - by Danna Crawford


Linkedin is a business social network. It is free and easy to join. It is also popular as a job search and career connection center.

Wikipedia - What is Linkedin - Job Searching with Linkedin by Alison Doyle

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Stay safe online, it can't be said enough, pay attention to who you connect with online.
Yahoo! Finance - LinkedIn is a Hacker's Dream Tool


Google+ - Makes sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. Check out Circles, Messenger and Hangouts.


Zenergo - A new social network that allows people to connect and interact with others that share similar interests by focusing on real-world activities.

StumbleUpon - StumbleUpon Kills Direct Links, iFrames Everything


Web Sellers' Lunch Club - General Social Media How-tos information. - News about TV shows and actors, and interacting with other fans.

Pinterest - Web Pro - Social - Quote “Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests." - Posts are rated and ranked by criteria such as popularity by voting. Posts are divided by What's Hot and various categories. - People can webcam chat, play multi-user, real-time games, watch videos, and there are interactive online activities.

Open Salon - Social blogging site in a magazine format. Quote: "Open Salon is a social content site. What, precisely, can you do here? After a quick registration, you can start blogging immediately -- and rating and commenting on other posts, messaging other members, and more. You can also invite other members into Open Salon from your own blog page."

Yahoo! Answers - Interesting site for Asking Questions and Sharing Answers. Points for answers and voting.

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