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This web site is for sharing info I have learned, my opinions, and helpful links; it is not meant to be an authoritative web site. You should seek your own council for your business, health, and personal needs.
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Egghead Penny Stock Trading
Egghead Penny Stock Trading
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Stocks, Investments & Finance
Helpful Sources For Managing Finances

Trying to earn money and keep that earned money is the subject of Stocks, Investments, and Finance.

On This Page: Your Children Stocks Finances

There are different subjects under the title of Stocks and Commodities, there are long term investments, day trading, bonds verses stocks, stocks verses commodities, stock brokers, stock traders, big investors, small investors, penny stocks, and the list goes on. There are plenty of web sites and articles on Stocks and Commodities, here I am just touching on some interesting points.

Your Children's Future

Investopedia - Retirement Savings Plans For Kids
eHow Money - How to Buy Stocks For A Child's Future
LiveStrong - How To Invest For Child's Future
Fidelity - 3 Ways to Save For Your Child's Future

Stocks, Bonds & Commodities

When trading stocks, it is important to read what a company's policies are, there can be a big difference in costs. What are the fees for each trade, are there a minimums or maximums, a base monthly fee, and so on.

How To Trade Stocks - What Is The Difference Between Stocks And Bonds?
eHow Money - Difference Between Stocks & Commodities

Savings Secrets - Top Stock Trading/Brokerage Firms

Yahoo! Finance - 02/01/12 - Facebook’s IPO: What to Know Before You Buy

Investopedia - The Lowdown On Penny Stocks
Investopedia - I have only $500 to invest, am I limited to buying only penny stocks?
Huge Upside Stocks - List of Penny Stock Investment Firms such as SpeedTrader.

Buy Penny Shares - Penny Stock Brokers


Choose to Save - The Magic of Compounding

Inspired to Save - Compound Interest Calculator

Yahoo! Finance - Start With $10,000 and Retire a Millionaire

Yahoo! Finance - Thieves Swipe Debit Card Data - Retirement Planning & Compounding Interest.
Very amazing results, go to the web site and see the chart.

Darryl saves $2,000 per year for six years, then never put another cent into his IRA. Darryl's IRA earns 12% per year.

Cheryl spends her $2,000 per year for six years. After that time, she invests $2,000 per year until she is 65 years old (37 years). Cheryl earns the same 12% interest per year that Darryl does.
Keep in mind, Darryl's total investment is $12,000. ($2,000 per year for the first six years.) Cheryl's investment is $74,000.
($2,000 per year for the 37 years.)
Age 65 - $1,235,339 Age 65 - $ 1,235,557

Another chart example: - How Teens Can Become Millionaires - Must See Chart - WOW! Ben and Arthur were friends who grew up together. They both knew that they needed to start thinking about the future...

Mind Your Finances - Video: The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest. - The Power Of Compounding. - Investing 101: The Concept Of Compounding. - Compound Interest Calculator.


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Egghead Penny Stock Trading
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